Radheshyam Gaushala

Child Meal

Every 365 days Radheshyam Gaushala Provide child meal and everyday 150 to 500 children. Younger & elder take meal together.

The last, second & eleven days of the bright half of the lunar month and the last of the dark half of the these day we organise meal for everyone. That is "Maha Prasad" for everyone.

In Child meal we provide to Children :

  • Gundi
  • Gathiya
  • Mohalthal
  • Adadiya
  • Jalebi
  • laddoo
  • Kadhi
  • Khichadi
  • Sabji
  • Dal
  • Rice
  • Frimes
  • Pappad

And Every Sunday we Provide Sev-Mamara to near about 500 children's at 9:00 Am in the morning..