Radheshyam Gaushala

Our Activites

In Our Gaushala we have near about 350 cows who is homeless, land, lost or abandoned cows, we provide them a shelter, food & medical help.

We accept culfs who lost their mother cow. we provide medical treatment for cows who lost their health or met with accident. we also take care of loaf & wander cow of abandoned cows. Radheshyam Gaushala provide all the facilites to cows who suffer from problems or faces any hard situation. Every 8 days after doctor visit the cows who lost their health or met with any accident or need any medical help Animal help line Rajkot.

Everyday we provide 5 to 6 tons green & Dry thrice in a day. We Provide that in meaning 7:00 Am, In noon 12:00 Pm & evening 5:00 Pm.

  • We built 3 huge water tanks to provide drinking water to cows.
  • Every sunday we makes Laddo, Khol, bhusha for cows.
  • In a monsoon season we arranged a special facilities for cows.
  • We made a hage hall. In this hall we provide green or dry grass, Khol and Bhushu to Cows.