About Us

Gaushala is a Sanskrit word, means the adobe or sancturay for the cows and its progeny as calves and oxen. In Sanskrit (and Hindi/Marathi): गोशाला ; गौ+शाला Gau means Cow, Shala means a sanctuary.

Radhe Shyam Gaushala, Wadner is the sanctuary or the abode for old, sick, abandoned and stray animals, especially cows and its progeny. It is located in the town of Wadner (At. Post Wadner Ta. Paranda Dist Osmanabad Maharashtra), about 250 km East of Pune.

Apart from providing a home for the cattle, the Gaushala also rescues the animals meant for illegal and merciless slaughtering, after being transported in cattle lorries under extremely cruel conditions, with no food and water for days, standing huddled together, stamped to unconsciousness or death – and often made to walk for miles with starvation. The Gaushala is an effort to care for these kind, innocent, gentle and lovely animals, that today are the victims and a gainful conduit for so many unlawful means.

  • The Gaushala runs by Shri Kanifnath Shankar Tambile along with the help of hundreds of volunteers.
  • Radhe Shyam Gaushala today cares for over 125 animals – including cows, calves and bulls on a 2 acre campus.
  • The Gaushala is a purely social, volunteer and contributory effort. The shelter has NO revenues or any source of income. Even the milk obtained (from the sheltered cows) is distributed FREE – and at our own distribution cost to local hospitals and other such organisations.

Protecting cows, Serving cows: Radhe Shyam Gaushala Wadner (Maharashtra - India)