Our Vision

Our Mission

  • To propagate and promote love for the cow and its virtues.
  • To make cow-protection a people’s movement.
  • To work for the protection and conservation of cow.
  • To campaign against the cruelty to cow and its progeny.

Come, join in our mission and make it yours too!!

Our activities

  • Helpline: We run a helpline where citizens can call to inform about sick or stray cows and calves, in the surrounding areas.
  • Transportation: In association with volunteers, we arrange to bring the cattle to the campus.
  • Care: We care for the stray, ill-nourished and helpless cows by providing them food and shelter.
  • Medical care: We provide in-house medical care for the injured, sick or pregnant cattle.

NO COW, CALF OR BULL, which enters the Gaushala, IS EVER SOLD.

Gauseva means serving the cows.

Bhagavat Geeta describes how Lord Krishna cared for the cows and calves every morning, by taking them to graze on the Govardhana hill. We should also try to serve the cows with similar attitude – by providing means for their food, shelter and medication.

Our mission is to care for stray, abandoned cows, bulls, retired oxen, and orphaned calves. We provide them with hay, flour, fresh grass, clean water, medical attention and a sheltered place where they can recuperate from injuries and stay peacefully, in good social company.

At present we host a herd of over 125 cattle. But there are thousands of cattle requiring attention and unless protected, they are destined to subsist on refuse and become plagued by various debilitating and often terminal diseases, suffer injury from careless motorists, or worse, be abducted and transported in very inhumane ways to the growing number of modern slaughterhouses.

Thus there is an urgent need to act. You can participate by helping. Here is how you can help.

This is what you can do…..

  • Express your love for cow
  • Propagate the virtues of cow
  • Donate to Goshalas
  • Adopt a cow & pay for its upkeep
  • Visit a Gaushala for regular Gauseva yourself
  • Contribute: The Gaushala is a purely a voluntary and contributory effort. The shelter has NO revenues or any source of income. Even the milk obtained (from the able, sheltered cows) is distributed FREE – and at our own distribution cost –to local hospitals and other such organisations.