Anyone who wants to be a part of this holy activity can donate some amount on their birthday or whenever they feel so. We serve 365 days. All gaubhakts can join and donate. Donate once in a lifetime or donate every year according to your wish. The Gaushala milk is mostly fed to the calfs themselves only, while we provide male calf for breeding to other gaushala to further develop the new shades for cows.

Donate on behalf of your whole family and be blessed.

An Average per day Guashala Expense:

Dry Fodder : Rs. 1500.00

Green Fodder: Rs. 1600.00

Medical Expense : Rs. 200.00

Sewadar Salaries : Rs. 800.00

Feed/ Khal Expense : Rs.1200.00

General Maintainence : Rs. 500.00

Mineral Mixtures / Calcium : Rs. 200.00

Gausewa Prakaar (Ways To Indulge In Gausewa)


On special occasions like Makarsankranti (Uttarayan), Ramnavmi, Janamasthmi, Deepawali, Gopalshtmi, Anniversaries, Birthdays, new born child in the family one can send a donation in the form of cash, cheque, bank transfers, green/dry fodder, Feed concentrate, and medicines and obtain the silent blessings of Gaumaa. One day expense of the entire gaushala is Rs 6000/- so one can donate this amount also.


At Radhe Shyam Gaushala,Wadner we often are blessed with new born calf’s at least 10-15 times in a year, the calf’s are provided with full stomach milk from their mothers without any human interference and after the calf grow old and start weaning they are provided with high quality minerals and feed etc along with special attention of our Members for keeping them friendly and socialised. 

Sponsor a Gaumaa for lifetime:

The daily expense after taking care of one Gaumaa is Rs.250/- that includes feed, fodder, medicine, other etc. The sponsored can pay this monthly, quarterly of yearly which ever convenient and be a part of the Gausewa. The Gaumaa shall therefore relish life on your name and you shall certainly get the fruits of this pious karma. Gausewa returns are unexplainable , cows never call you on a stage and thank you with a garland, neither they create a stone scripture of your name, they silently pass their blessings to the donor Bhakt which one can feel and see inside their own family in this life itself. Vedas and Puranas has provided numerous examples of fruits from Gausewa, it is as much fruitful as much as the existence of God.

Bank Details

Beneficiary Name Account No. Account Type Branch Bank Name IFSC Code PAN Number

Kai. Shankarrao Tambile Bahuuddeshiya Vikas Sanstha Sanchalit

Radhe Shyam Gaushala Wadner

075820110000090 Current Paranda Bank Of India BKID000758 AAABS1847F

* Please notify us when you transfer funds in our mail