Welcome to Radhe Shyam Gaushala Wadner

Home to Cows rescued from the jaws of death

Radhe Shyam Gaushala was established in the year 2005 by Shri Kanifnath Shankar Tambile, animal lover. It is spread in 2 acres of Own land.

Radhe Shyam Gaushala, gives a new meaning to the concept of cow protection. It is a place where cows who just escaped from the jaws of their death, get a decent life and royal treatment. No one can imagine a better life than what they get at this well maintained cow shelter. One needs to see it to believe it. It is one of the biggest in Osmanabad district and most well maintained in the state. Radhe Shyam Gaushala is the most hygienic Gaushala one can ever see in the state. The Gaushala is located at Wadner Post Khasgaon Ta Paranda Dist Osmanabad MH

The yearly fodder bill along runs into few lakhs, which is being contributed by philanthropists. To take care of these 125 animals’ health, few veterinary doctors and a hospital is housed at the cow shelter. No cow is milked for business purpose, nor any business is done with their milk. The total milk is left to the babies of the cow, thus maintaining ZERO infant mortality rates.

These cows are rescued from slaughter houses by various animals activists, ardent lowers of animals and individuals who are believers of Gaumata.

How do you expect a cow shed with few animals to be? What if there are thousands of animals housed? You expect it to be full of Cow Dung everywhere and smelling rotten. But, this Gau Nivas’s entire place is clean and tidy. It is kept clean continuously all through the day by about many workers. They clear of cow dung in a push cart. The One lorrie load of cow dung collected every day is sent to poor formers’ fields as a bio-pesticide free of cost. After removing cow dung, the place is washed with phenyl, spread with haldi powder and chunna to prevent insect bites to the animals. Occasionally, the place is covered with a fresh soft soil to accommodate smooth walking for the cows’ hoofs.

The discipline (standing in a row) with which these animals eat their food is worth seeing. Besides the fodder being provided in house, Gau Nivas is inundated with fruits and fresh vegetables from individuals who come along with trucks loads of them to feed cows as part of Gow Puja.

Our mission is to save cows and helping blind and disable cows and provide medical relief to injured, bleeding cows to hospital for treatment.

Daily checkup by experience doctor each and every cow’s in our trust. Handicap cows in any ways blind, limping or any other physical defects. Anyone who sees handicap cows but not take care of them please inform our organization. We will help that cows and give proper medical treatment.  If you wish to donate money for helping our trust to save cows and gives proper care, treatment for blind, disable, or stray cows To take care of these 125 plus animals’ health are two veterinary doctors and a hospital. No Cow is milked, nor done any business with their milk. The total milk is left to the babies of the cow, thus maintaining ZERO infant mortality rate